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Here's what we sail on Lake Wendouree

Lake Wendouree is a shallow lake and therefore the classes of yachts sailed are restricted
by the depth of the water. These classes are sailed at Ballaarat Yacht Club;
Jubilee  •  Lasers  •  Lightweight Sharpie  • Opti  •  Pacers  •  Paper Tiger Catamaran 

The club conducts competition with class line honours and both yardstick and individual handicapping
to promote fair and even competition. 


The Laser can be sailed comfortably in all wind conditions for any sailor weighing as little as 35kg.
The class was created as a strict one-design dinghy where the true test, when raced, is between sailors and not the boats and equipment.

Australian Lightweight Sharpies are a national one- design class with a long history of evolution. The class is quite unusual in comparison to the majority of other dinghies, due to its distinctive shape, size and complement of crew (three: including skipper, main hand and forward hand on trapeze).


The Paper Tiger Catamaran is a 4.3m (14ft) single-handed racing catamaran that provides exciting and close racing. Designed in 1967 as a training catamaran Ron Given, the designer, did not anticipate the competitive ability of those sailors who were attracted to the class. the Paper Tiger has been turned into a smooth racing craft.


The Jubilee is a stable, all-weather 18 foot day boat, locally designed and made for Port Phillip Bay. It’s a one-design class which can be crewed by 2-4 people. 
The first one ever built in 1935, is still sailing and still competitive on the water!


The Pacer is a 3.8m one design sloop rigged family dinghy, complete with spinnaker. The Pacer is the
ideal performance family yacht, for two crew. With a lightweight hull, capable of high planing speed, wide beam and not excessive amount of sail these boats can provide responsive and relatively  high performance. 
It is safe and stable boat and one of the most attractive and affordable yachts on the water.


The Opti, designed for junior sailors, safe and simple enough for an 8-year old, exciting and technical enough for a 15-year old. The Opti is not only the biggest dinghy class in the world, it is the fastest growing. Over 150,000 kids in over 100 countries cannot be wrong.
The BYC 
Takcers fleet sail the Opti. 


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